Audiofier Venkatt KONTAKT – Pads

Audiofier has discharged VenKatt, a 20 x 4 Layers Ambient Machine for surrounding/electronic creations and film scores

Venkatt offers 4 sound layers with one of a kind highlights: Attack, Sustain, Reverse and Rhythmi

The Attack layer incorporates just transient sounds. The Sustain layer incorporates just continuing sounds without drifters. When joining two distinct instruments’ characters, shiny new instruments can be made, similar to a sound with the assault of a dulcimer and the body of a voice. Venkatt offers 20 turned around sounds and 20 sequenced sounds in the Reverse and Rhythmic layers for rich, developing, one of a kind patches creation.

A “Make with a single tick” include makes it simple to make new sounds rapidly and makes presets repetitive. Pick which parameters will be remembered for Venkat’s sound age process, making new solid mixes without fail. It is likewise conceivable to fix the most recent randomisation and return to the past one.

Venkatt incorporates a Vari Convolution Sequencer on Layer 4: the dry and wet sound of the convolver impact are constrained by Venkatt to make intriguing cadenced sound changes. The grouping can be set to Loop mode, to proceed until the key is squeezed, or to NoLoop mode, to play just a single time and accomplish inventive reiterations impacts.

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Download Part 3

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