Jewels III – Hip Hop Sample Pack

Jewels Volumes 1 and 2 were probably the most elevated selling packs we’ve at any point discharged, and since the time we’ve had huge amounts of makers requesting that we discharge another portion! This time around, we took what we’ve gained from the first Diamonds packs and we set up this new extreme rendition for Hip-Hop makers.

This top notch library of tests incorporates industry level drum one shots, substantial hitting 808s, fresh catches, drum circles and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! We needed to ensure that Diamonds Vol. III had all that you would need to make a hit record with one pack alone.

Pearls VOL. 7 – Drill Melodies

Doubtlessly that drill music is one of the most well known rising sub sorts of the most recent decade.

With enormous makers like Young Chop, 808Melo, and TM88 creating successes, drill music has a one of a kind and dim sound that envelops the life of every city it originates from.

Our creation group set up this assortment of coarse and fun songs that pair impeccably with substantial 808’s and hard hitting drums.

Pearls VOL. 8 – Ethnic Melodies

As of late we’ve seen a gigantic ascent in notoriety with ethnic style trap from enormous craftsmen like Gunna, Future, Young Thug, and so on.

Regardless of whether it’s latin style guitars or asian style woodwinds, there’s no uncertainty that there is a colossal wave moving with this sound…

Our group made together a wide range of ethnic circles to give your tracks a special vibe. Also, with each circle included stems and midi, you have full inventive control to take the circles toward whatever path you’d like.

Pearls VOL. 9 – Classic Melodies

Our great assortment typifies the brilliant period sound of hip-jump that you’d get notification from a major maker like ninth Wonder, Kanye West, or Madlib.

We attempted to keep the vibe and style of the great hip-bounce sound, however without testing a record to accomplish it.

The tunes in our great assortment pair consummately with overwhelming swinging and off the lattice drums, catching that exemplary feel of old school hip-jump. Our group needed to come as close as you can get the chance to box burrowing for this one, without the cerebral pain of test leeway!

Pearls VOL. 10 – RNB Melodies

RNB has consistently been one of the most well known sub classes of the game, with colossal specialists like The Weeknd, Tory Lanez, and Trey Songz overwhelming the diagrams.

The class of RNB combines consummately with a wide range of types, for example, pop, blues, hip-jump, and even snare music. From enthusiastic harmony movements with profound impact to consonant vocal cushions that unite everything…

This assortment of wonderfully made examples has precisely what you have to make your next large RNB record!

Pearls VOL. 11 – LOFI Melodies

Lofi hip-jump is effectively one of the quickest developing classifications of music. It’s likewise pulling immense numbers on the gushing help stages.

Probably the greatest craftsmen of the class are known for their fantastic and vintage stylish, with profound keys/cushions and crunchy sounding drums. We concentrated intensely on that specific vibe that makes immortal sounding music effectively feasible for any maker.

Our group made a variety of various lofi styles to play with in this pack, leaving you with dream-like sounds to catch the flawed and ageless tasteful of the lofi type.

Pearls VOL. 12 – Trap Melodies

Trap music has consistently been one of the most well known renditions of hip-bounce throughout the previous hardly any decades, totally controlling the vast majority of the bulletin graphs! A portion of the class’ best makers, for example, TM88, Metro Boomin, Murda Beatz, and so forth, have all been known for their game changing sound with cutting edge style songs.

However, with regards to making your own wave, it tends to be a little intense discovering unique melodic thoughts for your snare beats…

That is the reason our group set up this assortment, with a blend of various vibes to look over, all fit to be matched with hard hitting 808’s and quick paced drums.

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