ACDGEN is an Advanced Pattern Generator that lets you create MIDI sequences using one of eight different algorithms with a push of a button and manipulate these patterns in many different ways. It’s designed to be an incredibly useful tool for music creation and live performance.

Our main goal for the 1.3 update was to port some of the new features that we first introduced in the ACDGEN – Hardware Edition back into the original Max for Live device.

The most significant change in ACDGEN 1.3 is that it can now hold steps in order to generate longer notes than 1/16th. This means that ACDGEN can create sequences that sound much more organic and interesting. We believe that this change will have a major positive impact on the quality of the patterns that ACDGEN can generate.

ACDGEN 1.3 also includes the new Random Velocity tweak, that can be used to add randomness to the base velocity, as well as Keyboard Shift, a new option that allows the user to transpose the patterns in real time via MIDI.

The 1.3 update for ACDGEN – Max for Live edition is free for all existing customers. If you’ve already purchased a copy, check out your email address for a new download link!

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